Collectif du 4 octobre contre l'éolien industriel
Samedi 4 octobre 2008 à 14 h
Paris, place Denfert-Rochereau


de la place Denfert-Rochereau au boulevard Saint-Germain, en descendant le boulevard Raspail

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Encouragements de Nouvelle-Zélande


A message to the French government:

We live in New Zealand, but we have travelled to France a number of times. We love France in particular; it has such great scenic value and natural uncluttered landscapes with such rich history.

Your government has managed to protect much of your history and your landscapes, so far. It appears to us that the French government has generally kept the old cities and built new ones close by, instead of demolishing its history, as many other countries have done. In doing this, your country has become one of the most favoured countries to travel to, internationally.

We implore the French government to ensure that this advantage is not lost.

The wind power industry has been able to push its developments because many believe that: "wind power is good", but this is not the case.

Our Environment Court has just found that commercial scale wind turbine development will significantly and adversely affect both landscapes and communities living nearby; wind power is not at all benign.

We can honestly say that we will not travel to France if your country embraces wholesale wind power and massive turbines.

While the industry says turbines can be removed easily, this will not happen in our lifetime; and the cost of removal is high. In the USA there are many turbines left broken, but still standing, when developers become bankrupt.

Sometimes things must change, but commercial scale wind turbines are a change for the worse, not the better.

We respectfully seek that you legislate against commercial scale wind turbines in inappropriate places. Inappropriate places, given the overwhelming evidence now available, would include: sites within 5 km of communities or homes; sites adversely affecting valued landscapes; sites close to bird migration routes; and sites where bats are present.

If there are no other places left, then we respectfully seek that your government legislate that commercial wind power is not acceptable for France.

Vive la France, as we know it!

We thank the organisers of this event for the opportunity to have a say on this important international issue.

All the very best for October 4th.

Ralph and Jenny Jorgensen
New Zealand

Save our Landscapes!


I wish to support your rally as our world deserves better than our landscapes and bird life being disfigured and destroyed.

Pauline Swann
New Zealand

Le Collectif du 4 octobre a manifesté à Paris de la place Denfert-Rochereau au quartier des Ministères boulevard Saint-Germain.