Collectif du 4 octobre contre l'éolien industriel
Samedi 4 octobre 2008 à 14 h
Paris, place Denfert-Rochereau


de la place Denfert-Rochereau au boulevard Saint-Germain, en descendant le boulevard Raspail

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Message of support


France is fighting for us all! Well done.

David Oxenham

Encouragements d'Écosse


Chers amis

I send you my full support for your demonstration on 4 October. The message that you have to bring is so important for Western Europe - windmills are a useless form of power generation, which contribute nothing to the fight against global warming, and serve only to destroy aspects of rural life. When they bring money, it goes into private hands; when they bring power, it is too little, and when they bring work it is always for foreign workers for a few weeks or months. They destabilise communities, and ruin the landscape and visual aspects of many fine pieces of country. There is nothing positive except for politicians and speculators.

From Scotland, we wish you well and every success with your campaign for your beautiful country.

Best regards


John Campbell QC - Courriel

Bonjour from Ecosse


We must protect what is most precious people, places wild life and our finite resources.

All the best,
from Ark Hill Glamis in Scotland Fighting to Protect a much loved heather hill walked by the Queen Mother

J. Brewster

My message for the Scottish Flag on the website


This is proving to be a monumentous fight by ordinary people around the globe against politicians, corporate companies, environmental charities (with vested interests) and an EU that seeks to promote an energy source, wind power, that wipes away the protection of millions of acres of wild land. The policy takes away public land with 'freedom to roam rights' and hands 'public / common' land over to private resource reapers.

The basic democratic right of the individual to seek legal redress from nuisance resulting from development is being removed, via s.151 of the proposed Planning Bill in the UK. This would include industrial noise, i.e. noise from wind turbines.

This is not an issue specific to any one political party, because s.151 attacks a principle that goes to the very heart of democracy in the UK. There is a paper by An Altruist discussing some of the issues. It is worthwhile read along with another excellent paper: Strange Bedfellows: "Big Energy, cash and the 'green' lobby."

I offer my full support for this very important demonstration in Paris. There is certainly a fermenting anger about wind farms worldwide. Basic rights are being crushed by "Enron" style marketing tactics.

Here is one MEP and journalist's views: "the economics of a madhouse" It shows very well how wind turbines and industrial rubbish are being spread across agricultural land all in the name of being "Green".
Out of Control:

There is nothing 'ethical' about wind power: it chops up "protected" birds and makes bats explode for heavens sake! These ill thought through renewable energy policies now open up a Pandora's Box for another industry: the genetically modified seed industry. No doubt there will soon be calls to feed hungry nations now that land meant to grow food has been turned over to grow fuel!

To all demonstrators descending on Paris, 4th October 2008. Good Luck! One would think politicians should listen...after all, it is their own citizens who pay for their salaries, perks of office and of course, their pensions.

My sincerest best wishes from Scotland.

Sylvia Wallace
Stop a wind farm! It saves the birds' and their wild habitats.

A message from a BAT.............
HELP! Write to The National Audubon Society,Board of Directors:

Another message from birds and bats
HELP!! Write to the Sierra Club , National HQ;

Message of support


Dear Fellow Fighters

I regret my French is not good enough to write in your language, but I want to wish you well for the demonstration.

For their own best reasons, governments are not telling the public the truth about wind power. They ignore the damage done to the environment through their siting and construction. They ignore the subsidies paid by every household, many of whom are struggling with large fuel bills, especially in rural areas where many of these wind factories are sited. Wind farms split communities that are trying to survive in those conditions. Also ignored is the public money being given into private hands or public property - Forestry Commission land in the UK - being handed over to wind farm developers without any consultation with those that own it - the people.

Wind farms produce little consistent power and require back up from more conventional power generation.

Worse, there are increasing reports of risks to health that are being largely ignored in the headlong rush for wind power.

Wishing you every success with your campaign,
Best wishes,
Jenny Reddaway - Scotland.

Message of support


Our Friends in France

Our complete support for your demonstration against this rampage of the countryside. No one could suspect in the early years that this wind industry would prove to be so corrupt, so destructive and so ineffectual.

Communities here have been divided and abused by this industry. Whole areas of our country as well as yours are now dominated by this inefficient vile machinery. Roads are carved through our wilderness, our peatlands degraded, our habitats endangered, our peaceful places invaded, our archaeology dismissed, our taxes squandered, our representatives often intimidated or worse, our environmental agencies turned looters-polluters.... jobs are few and the profits large.

We fight now another wind cluster in central Sutherland where this will, if approved, lose Scotland 10% of its wildland. Gordonbush must not happen. This industry need to be stopped..

Sutherland will salute you on the 4th of October -

Hazel Macmillan
Sutherland Campaign to Protect our Environment


Encouragement au Collectif du 4 octobre


We offer our very best wishes for a successful day.

Endrick Valley Action Group - West Stirlingshire, Scotland
Courriel | Site Internet

Best wishes from the Isle of Lewis


From the Isle of Lewis

There must be justice for our communities and environment. These damaging policies must end.

Best wishes to you all on the 4th!

Mointeach gun Mhuileann - Moorland without Turbines
Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Isle of Lewis

Message of support


If I could make it to Paris I would! But here in Edinburgh I am 500 miles from Dover and just too far from Paris. In addition, I fell off a ladder last week and although no bones broken it will be a while before I am able to walk comfortably again. In the meantime I send my very best wishes for a successful rally, we may not be there in Body but we will all certainly be with you in Spirit. It is a magnificent effort by you and your compatriots.

William Oxenham

Views of Scotland greets your conference and demonstration


On behalf of many groups and individuals in Scotland who have been campaigning for many years to try to halt the environmental and social madness of the wind-power boom, this is to wish you the greatest possible success for your demonstration on Saturday.

Unfortunately, we are unable to join you but look forward to hearing reports of the event. The strength of your campaign is an inspiration to us all at this time.

Dave Bruce
Views of Scotland



Unfortunately we did not get this to you before the demonstration, but we do support you full heartedly. We are fighting these destructive wind farms in the Lammermuirhills. We have seen that once they get a foothold these destructive windfarms mushroom and ruin the landscape, divide the communities and the wildlife completely disappears. It is either too windy or not windy enough for them to turn especially on cold frosty mornings when electricity is needed.

We wish you success.

The Lammermuir Protection Group

Message of support


I should like to send appreciation and support for everything that is happening in France at the moment to further the fight against windpower excesses which are harming our both environment and the lives of any forced to live in close proximity to developments.

There are no excuses for the damage caused and obscene profits made by developers in their pursuit of this energy option.
Sadly, all governments currently appear to be deaf to every reasoned argument demonstrating the pitfalls of wind power repeatedly presented by engineers and from other knowledgeable quarters. We are indeed fighting 'backs to the wall' in defence of all that is defenceless, of extreme fragility, and breathtaking beauty.

Please do not give up.

Yours in hope,

Christine Metcalfe.

Le Collectif du 4 octobre a manifesté à Paris de la place Denfert-Rochereau au quartier des Ministères boulevard Saint-Germain.