Collectif du 4 octobre contre l'éolien industriel
Samedi 4 octobre 2008 à 14 h
Paris, place Denfert-Rochereau


de la place Denfert-Rochereau au boulevard Saint-Germain, en descendant le boulevard Raspail

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Encouragements du Canada


Good luck in your demonstration. We wish we could attend.

Maureen Anderson
Essex County, Ontario, Canada


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Support for French Resistance to Wind Turbines

September 19, 2008

The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, based in Ontario, Canada, sends its full support for French resistance to wind turbine development. In Ontario our provincial government is also gripped by a mania to install industrial wind projects, regardless of the construction and operating costs and the harm to scenic and heritage landscapes. We hope success in halting massive developments in France will cause governments around the world to reexamine their priorities with respect to energy supplies and encourage consumers to consider the value of conservation.

H. G. Garand
The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC)

Henri Garand
R. R. 1, Big Island
Demorestville, ON
K0K 1W0

Tel. 613-476-4527


Encouragement au Collectif du 4 octobre


Française d'origine, expatriée au Canada depuis plus de 20 ans, je partage à 100 % vos préoccupations et vous apporte tout mon encouragement pour votre manifestation du 4 octobre. Si ce n'était pas si loin, croyez bien que je serais parmi vous ce jour-là!

Il semble que les industriels promoteurs de l'énergie éolienne ont les mêmes tactiques inadmissibles des deux côtés de l'Atlantique...

Isabelle Wagner

Innisfil (Ontario)

Message of Support from Manitoba, Canada


Congratulations and best wishes for your October 4, 2008 demonstration! Thank you for taking a stand against the massive, unchecked and often pointless industrialization that is sweeping the globe. Wish we could be there!

Best wishes,
Todd & Lisa Braun
St. Joseph, Manitoba

Oppose wind turbines


Here in the agricultural community of Rhineland, Manitoba, Canada, the government is supporting the establishment of 125 wind turbines. We oppose the notion that huge wind farms are the most efficient answer to the energy problem, and we strongly oppose wind farms being set up in our beautiful, peaceful, historically significant, garden-like community, or any places like it, where thousands of people have lived for over a century under magnificent, pristine skies, farming the best land in Canada.

Lois & Joe Braun

Message of support


Good Luck on October 4th 2008. We too have serious concerns regarding an offshore wind farm proposal in Hecate Strait off the west coast of Canada. They plan to build it in a major migratory flyway. It will be disasterous for all migrant birds on the west coast of Canada and the US. We are with you.


M. Hearne,
Executive Director,
Delkatla Sanctuary Society

Message of support


Do not be deceived by the claims of this industry! They are very good at sucking money out of the public purse and cause more problems than they claim to fix! Take your eyes off this fairy tale and look at real ways to grow a sustainable future. The present course taken by developers will make "windturbine" a curse word to our future generations!

I totally support any protest against this atrocity called wind farming based on the astetics, cost per kilowatt and ineffectiveness in the ability to generate reliable power!

Frank Paetkau
Manitoba, Canada

Message de soutien


Merci pour votre travail en preparation pour ce grand demonstration a tous la follie des eolien.

Tout le monde a le necessite de decouvert la veritee des eolien.

Je regrette que je n'ai pas ecriver do vouds dire mes mots d'encouragement.

Peute etre c'est a votre advantage, parse que mon francais est regrettablement terrible!

Bill Palmer
Paisley, Ontario

(En 2007 nous avons visite la Fance pour presenter un papier a le 2nd "Wind Turbine Noise Conference" en Lyon.)

In support of the ban on windfarms


It has long been our belief that our environmental impacts are best addressed by local - appropriately scaled solutions.

Massive wind farms especially like those proposed in your case and similarly here locally on Haida Gwaii, fly in the face of eco-logic. Additionally, our proposed mega development lies dead center in the North Pacific Flyway - used by millions of migrating birds enroute to and from their summer nesting areas.

As well there are many unanswered questions concerning the impact of the ocean floor of Hecate Straight, and the sub-marine transmission lines and how their magnetic fields will affect local as well as migrating fish species including the already endangered species of wild salmon.

We stand in solidarity with your initiative opposed to the establishment of massive wind farm projects.

Rolf Bettner
North West Habitat Foundation
Queen Charlotte City
Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

Le Collectif du 4 octobre a manifesté à Paris de la place Denfert-Rochereau au quartier des Ministères boulevard Saint-Germain.