Collectif du 4 octobre contre l'éolien industriel
Samedi 4 octobre 2008 à 14 h
Paris, place Denfert-Rochereau


de la place Denfert-Rochereau au boulevard Saint-Germain, en descendant le boulevard Raspail

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Encouragements d'Afrique du Sud


Support for your protest in Paris on 4 October 2008

I would like to add my support to this protest against the proliferation of wind farms in France - and elsewhere. May this protest highlight the flaws of industrial wind energy and the growing dissatisfaction amongst citizens whose lives have already been adversley affected by industrial wind turbines and those who stand to be affected in the future.

As a traveller to Europe, most recently in July 2005, the thought of your beautiful countrysides being littered by unsightly industrial wind turbines has prompted me to add my voice of dissent to those already present.

Other than the well known disadvantages of living near a wind farm with its noise, bird kills, visual impact and lowering property prices, wind farms have been known to damage to peat bogs, and even cause peat slides. Peat plays a vital role in CO2 absorption and regulation of the Earth's atmosphere.

The whole argument for wind energy is based on the fear of CO2 from human fossil fuel usage being responsible for global warming. However, the earth's average global temperature has evidently cooled since 1998. CO2 is not, therefore, determinant in climate forcing. It is not a pollutant either, and it is good for crops. There was a lot more of it in the planet's atmosphere in the past, and present levels are historically very low if we go back in time on a meaningful scale.

Instead of forging ahead with massive wind farm development, it may be prudent for governments to place a moratorium on further wind energy expansion, in order to take stock of the situation wisely, listen to independent scientists, and to be less influenced by those who push the climate change agenda to fulfill their own business interests.

To think that climate change can be averted by the large scale use of unreliable wind energy - requiring conventional power stations to be on constant back-up - is a pipe dream.

Norma Ittmann
South Africa

Le Collectif du 4 octobre a manifesté à Paris de la place Denfert-Rochereau au quartier des Ministères boulevard Saint-Germain.